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Overview of Oracle Services

Oracle Application Consulting
TECHcelerate consultants have extensive experience providing technical and functional consulting services for the following application releases: 10.7, 10.7 NCA, 11.0.3, 11i and R12. We leverage our extensive industry, product and practical experience to guide management and project team members through efficient implementations of Oracle's applications.

Integration, Conversions, Reports, Forms
All implementations require technical services to complete a successful transition from one system to another. Invariably customers have 1) integration requirements to third party applications or legacy systems, 2) some volume of data they prefer to convert electronically and 3) additional reporting and forms requirements that extend beyond those delivered with the system. TECHcelerate consultants are well versed at assisting clients with these requirements.

Custom Application Development
Companies planning enterprise implementations today strive to implement the software in its standard form. However, from time to time requirements extend beyond the scope of the standard system. When this situation arises we custom develop the required solutions following Oracle's standard development practices to minimize upgrade implications downstream. Customizations, as a rule, are built external to the core system. We leverage our experience with the following tools to accomplish these projects for our customers: Oracle PL/SQL and SQL, JSP and PL/SQL Web Applications, Stored Procedures and Triggers, Developer, Java, JDeveloper, Javascript,JSP, JSF/Oracle ADF, TOAD and Visual Basic.

Report Writing Training
In today's real time enterprise it is important to be able to convert data into useful information for informed decision making. TECHcelerate consultants are equipped to train administrators and users alike on the full spectrum of report writing and analytic tools available from Oracle including: Discoverer, DBI, OBIEE, Hyperion, Seibel Analytics, Oracle Reports and Portal.

Oracle Upgrade Assistance
Whether you are migrating from a standard or highly customized instance of the Oracle System, our technical and functional consulting teams are equipped to provide expert assistance with this process. The technical team is adept at installing the new environment, running the comparative scripts to determine the differences in structure and completing the mapping exercise to assure the integrity of the data conversion effort. The functional team meanwhile possesses a thorough understanding of the new capabilities being introduced in the new release and prepares the education curriculum necessary to train users on the net new functionality. Our apps/tech consultants are also responsible for performing the necessary regression testing to assure that functionality which worked previously, still works.

Road Map to Oracle Fusion
Oracle’s next generation Fusion Applications are being designed to unify best-of-business capabilities from all Oracle Applications in a complete suite delivered on Oracle's open technology. Whether you are planning to implement the available components of Oracle’s Fusion Platform today, or would like to ensure that you are taking the appropriate actions today in preparation for a transition later, TECHcelerate can guide you through this strategic process. There is much to consider when mapping out your plans for transition to Fusion. Through effective planning and implementation strategies TECHcelerate consultants can show you how to easily extend and evolve your architectures instead of replacing existing investments by leveraging Oracle’s SOA Suite's hot-pluggable components. Oracle Fusion Middleware's hot-pluggable capabilities enables customers to "drop & deploy" various Oracle Fusion Middleware products into their existing IT environments. Spanning from industry-leading business process management and development tools to best-of-breed identity management and application server technology, hot-pluggable Oracle Fusion Middleware gives customers more choices, long-term flexibility, and better use of their current technology investment.

Implementation Audits
Tier I systems like Oracle offer customers a tremendous amount of functionality and flexibility. What we have discovered through experience is that many companies only deploy or exploit a fraction of the functional and technical capabilities available to them. The reason for this can be attributed to a number of factors, the most common of which is a general lack of understanding of the full capabilities of the system. To address this situation we have developed a service which analyzes a company's strategic business goals and present use of the system, and compares it against the full extent of the system's capability and results in a recommendation defining the opportunities which exist for increased productivity.

Business Process Mapping and Re-engineering
In order to accomplish a successful transition from one system to another you have to know how your business runs in your current system, how it is going to run in the new system, and how you are going to keep it running with you are in the transition. The process you use to navigate your organization through the transition period will quickly determine whether you are a victim or leader of your implementation and whether or not you realize the strategic goals of your ERP investment. TECHcelerate consultants are expert at interpreting the customer’s current environment, communicating to the organization the alternative business processes available within Oracle applications, explaining the pros and cons associated with each option and ultimately guiding the implementation team through a successful transition.

Project Planning and Management
Effective project planning and management turns expectations into reality. From day one, the customer expectations of organizational benefits should be "projectized", or translated into the detailed project plan that incrementally works toward goal attainment. Throughout the implementation, project management tools and techniques will be deployed to measure the project milestones against the predetermined success factors to keep the project on target to meet all strategic business goals through the additional functionality from the new software.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Whether you're a business executive looking for better ways to manage risk, a finance manager tasked with regulatory compliance, or an IT Director managing multiple project requests, Oracle delivers a comprehensive platform for governance, risk, and compliance. Given increased scrutiny from customers, regulators, auditors, investors, and partners, organizations need to monitor critical application access and configurations. Undetected changes to Oracle applications can impact the reliability of data and impact the flow of business activities. TECHcelerate consultants are experienced in end-to-end support for cross-industry and industry-specific GRC processes and can assist your organization in putting in place the proper policies and procedures to ensure compliance.

Oracle Application Training
TECHcelerate has developed a full curriculum of on-site training encompassing Oracle's entire application suite. The benefits associated with conduction on-site training are numerous and include 1) the customer's own date is used, thereby creating a familiar environment which increases the overall effectives of the training, 2) the training materials are tailored and unique to the customer's environment and 3) classes can be flexibly scheduled to maintain the integrity of the project plan.

Oracle Database and Tools Training
This service is intended to address the needs of the IT professional(s) supporting the Oracle Application system. Experience has taught us that simply being a certified Oracle Database Administrator does not necessarily equip oneself with the knowledge required to effectively support an Oracle Application environment. For instance, this individual must possess at least a baseline understanding of how the application layer of the solution is interrelating with the database layer. Therefore, this service is designed to provide the IT professional with an understanding of fundamental administrative responsibilities including, but not limited to: administering roles and responsibilities, security, backup procedures, disaster recovery procedures, patch maintenance, application and database tuning, workflow and alert administration, database moves, copies, extents and restores.

Oracle 11g Consulting
Considering an upgrade to 11g? Let us guide you through the process. Oracle Database 11g, building on Oracle's unique ability to deliver Grid Computing, give Oracle customers the agility to respond faster to changing business conditions, gain competitive advantage through technology innovation, and reduce costs. With Oracle Database 11g you can 1) adopt new technology faster with Real Application Testing, 2) manage more data for less with advanced compression and partitioning, 3) simplify systems by storing all your data in the Oracle Database with Oracle Secure Files, 4) maximize the ROI of disaster recovery resources with Oracle Active Data Guard and 5) free critical personnel for strategic tasks with management automation.

APICS Foundation Training
From time to time our customers request that we provide foundation training involving the basic concepts which underlay ERP systems. This training is recommended for those users who have not been previously exposed to the benefits that can be realized through the implementation of an ERP system, exhibit anxiety about the pending transition, or require a refresher level course on the basic principles of ERP.

Remote DBA Managed Services
This service is intended for the client that prefers to support their own servers internally, but wants to outsource the administrative responsibilities associated with supporting the Oracle Applications and Database. For clients who express and interest in considering this model we have aligned ourselves with a number of local partners who are capable of providing this service at a competitive price.

Oracle On Demand
This option has become an increasingly popular service for companies who are resource constrained and prefer to channel their available intellectual capital toward the development of their own core competencies as opposed to burdening valuable internal resources with the support of the system. This strategy allows a company to avoid having to invest in costly hardware and a high priced support staff as full responsibility for administration of the system is transferred to Oracle hosting service known as On Demand.

ROI/Feasibility Studies
It is quite common today for companies to complete a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis before committing the funds necessary to support the investment of a new enterprise system. TECHcelerate consultants are skilled at assisting clients though the process of compiling the metrics necessary to make an informed decision.

System Selection Consulting
Companies today are focused on the development of their own core competencies. The majority typically don't have the time, bandwith or resources available to remain current with respect to which enterprise software systems are leading the market. Recognizing the opportunity, we introduced a selection practice designed to assist companies through what is typically a very involved process. The service includes a detailed analysis of the company's requirements, preparation of a baseline requirements document, a demo script depicting key business processes that must be proven out during the demonstration process, and a Request for Proposal (RFP) document which can be used to solicit responses from interested vendors.