TECHcelerate Technical Consulting
TECHcelerate Technical Consulting
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Who We Are
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Our Principles  

Our Principles

Our mission is to provide our customers with a greater return on their information assets by developing creative solutions to information technology challenges. These quality solutions will focus on ease of use and maintenance, low cost of development and a high level of customer satisfaction. We will choose the best tool for solution development which satisfies the cost and functionality parameters of the challenge.

We are committed to assisting our clients in building a business system infrastructure which will enable them to reduce cost, streamline operations and harness the power of the internet for business advantage. To accomplish this goal, TECHcelerate will draw upon its extensive knowledge in Oracle® Applications, Database and Tools technology.

The level of success our customers achieve will dictate the level of success we attain as an organization. Therefore, to ensure the long term success and viability of TECHcelerate, we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence by embracing the following principles. These guiding principles will greatly influence the direction of our company.

People: Dedicate the time necessary to recruit, develop, motivate and retain top talent.
Business Model: Continually evaluate and adjust our business model to reflect ever-changing market conditions.
Execute: Empower employees with the authority to take action and commit to the company's plans. We will not allow process get in the way of progress.
Wealth Creation: Secure the company's future by building intellectual capital through reinvestment.